If You Enjoy Beer, Read On

INGREDIENTS – Fresh / Natural

As with most things in this life, you get out of it what you put in; and beer is no different. Quality beer requires quality ingredients – whether it be malt, hops, water or yeast. Brewing is much easier when you have great ingredients, delivered and handled in the correct way and you will be rewarded.

FLAVOURS – Simplicity / Complexity

Brewers have been experimenting for centuries with weird and new ingredients, with varying degrees of success. Hops were a novel ingredient not that long ago in brewing history! I feel that any experimentation needs to be on a sound foundation of a solid beer. If the beer base is not solid, the chances of any flavour or ingredient enhancing it are slim. Out of all the more complex beers on the market currently, the beers that still dominate and will continue to do so are the well balanced and refined beers.

VISION OF THE FUTURE – Style / Flavour Trends

The surge in “craft beer” has seen a global shift in the offering to consumers, and in the last decade numerous trends have come and gone. The current trend is more of a rebirth for what was a traditional beer style in sour beers. The American market is again at the forefront. Bottled ale will continue to draw from this influence. There is a desire to experiment and make beers more premium and exclusive, for example aging beer in spirit barrels. As noted earlier these innovative beers will continue to create interest and drive development, but never match the volume achieved by a solid, well-brewed premium beer.