50 of The Best Ways To De-stress

A recent survey about ways to relieve office-worker stress, compiled by Capital Karts, found that as well as the more common answers, workers also choose to do housework, make lists and go trampolining. Interestingly, a visit to the pub, whilst listed here at number 35 – for me, it’s number 1, 2 and 3. How about you?

So how can we as an industry move our unique institution up the list? Maybe; smile at customers, listen to them, keep your distance when appropriate and interfere when appropriate. Realise: they may have just lost a loved one, been divorced, caught with the next door neighbour (therefore on a the journey to a divorce), might have just been sacked, just been turned down for a promotion, spurned, overworked, underpaid, over-promoted, left off an invitation, expecting a visit from the M-in-Law (not so with mine, she’s lovely!), refused planning permission, refused a mortgage or diagnosed with some awful disease.

Blimey, the role of a Publican couple is SO important, we can be counsellors, marriage guidance advisers, comforters, inspirers and much much more – and all of this for the price of a pint!!

It’s very important to remember the VALUE of a visit to the pub and not the COST. Much better than sitting at home with a bottle of Gin! For around £3 you get to de-stress and seek comfort! So, get down the pub!!

Matt Holyfield, Co-Founder of Capital Karts, said, “Office work (I say ALL work) can be really stressful. Emails are constantly popping up, the phone is always ringing and to-do lists feel never ending … We’ve all been there; Friday arrives but you’ve managed to take all those work worries home with you … It’s important to find ways to unwind – that way you can achieve a reasonable work/life balance.”

So, here are the 50 most popular activities that office workers use to unwind and de-stress:

  1. Pop bubble wrap
  2. Write to-do lists
  3. Binge-watching a favourite TV series
  4. Watching animal videos on YouTube
  5. Swimming
  6. Social media
  7. Catching up with friends
  8. Organising your desk
  9. Spa days and massages
  10. Partying
  11. Switching off electronics
  12. Cooking
  13. Getting drunk
  14. Dream of a luxury holiday
  15. Retail therapy
  16. A manicure
  17. Housework
  18. A phone call with your parents or partner
  19. Go-karting
  20. Trampolining
  21. Playing games
  22. Snacking on comfort foods
  23. Read a book
  24. Sky-diving
  25. A beach trip
  26. Employee days out
  27. Yoga
  28. Visiting a comedy club
  29. Eating out
  30. Commuting by bike
  31. Visiting the countryside
  32. Writing down worries
  33. Making a cup of tea
  34. Adventure days
  35. A trip to the pub
  36. Moaning to work friends
  37. Going to the gym
  38. Colouring
  39. Going out for a run
  40. Getting up early
  41. Playing with pets
  42. Gardening
  43. Listening to music
  44. Having a nap
  45. Leaving the office at a set time
  46. Play a sport
  47. Family time with children
  48. Bubble baths
  49. Play an instrument
  50. Sing loudly to a favourite song