CCTV Footage Rules for Pubs & Restaurants

Loads of requirements if you have CCTV in your premises. Here are some things you have to do if someone asks to view your CCTV footage (its all about “evidential quality” and “frontal identification”).

  1. You must be registered with The Information commissioners Office (ICO) as a “Data Controller”
  2. You have a responsibility to provide CCTV to the Police (and some others) where there is a on-going investigation in respect of Crime and Disorder
  3. You may be required to supply footage to a customer if they demand “images of themselves”
  4. You do not have a responsibility to provide footage to a third party unless they make a request in writing
  5. Anyone making a request to see footage must provide evidence of their identity
  6. You must avoid “unfair intrusion” to the identity of any third party person when supplying footage, you should blur their faces for example
  7. You should respond to any request within 40 days
  8. If you believe you have breached your responsibilities as a Data Controller you must inform the ICO of the breach
  9. you must maintain a log of all of the requests you receive to view footage

For full details of your responsibilities visit the Information Commissioner’s Office

Good luck!!