Loads Of Changes To The Alcohol Licensing Act

All Licensees need to know of important new changes to the Licensing Law. Severe penalties exist for non-compliance!

‘Irresponsible promotions’ have been more clearly defined; this means that activities, or substantial similar activities carried on for the purpose of encouraging the sale of alcohol are banned if they are designed to:-

  1. Drink a quantity of alcohol within a time limit
  2. Drink as much alcohol as possible within a time limit
  3. Provide unlimited or unspecified quantities of alcohol (free or fixed) for a discounted fee, which carries a risk of undermining a licensing objective (pretty all-embracing!! – need to be very careful if running Happy Hours)
  4. Provide free or discounted alcohol as a prize or reward if it carries a risk of substantially undermining a licensing objective
  5. Sell alcohol in association with promotional posters or flyers on or near the vicinity which can be reasonably be considered to encourage or glamorise anti-social activity or refer to the effects of drunkenness in any favourable manner
  6. Dispense alcohol directly by one person into the mouth of another person (other that where the other person is unable to drink without assistance by reason of disability)

This is enough to be going on with, I’ll write more soon!

My Dad who ran our great family pub 50 years ago would turn in his grave!!