8 Top Tips About New Allergen Regulations

Here are 8 top tips to ensure you comply with the new UK Allergen Regulations. Rest assured enforcement will happen with this ‘high publicity’ issue.

  1. You need a risk assessment of all of the dishes (and drinks) that you offer and identify the specific (offending) ingredients in each offering.
  2. Train your staff (we run a great awareness course!), keep records of the training and ensure the training is not only generic but also specific to the product range you sell.
  3. Produce written documentation of the ingredients of each offering which could give rise to an allergic reaction
  4. Your customers must be made aware that you have identified all ingredients that may give rise to a reaction and that your customers can discuss your menu with any member of staff.
  5. Remove any risk of cross-contamination through cleaning and good hygiene practices
  6. You will need to show evidence that you have re-trained all members of staff if a new item is introduced to your menu.
  7. You will need in a policy in place should anything go wrong. Perhaps someone does have an allergic reaction – what then happens regarding calling an ambulance, giving first aid, etc?
  8. Phone us on 02392345679 to discuss running a course for your staff