Tips For Responsible Alcohol Retailing

Here are a few helpful extracts from our Responsible Alcohol retailing course.

Why is alcohol classed as a drug?

When consumed, it affects the physical, mental and emotional state of the drinker.

How is the alcoholic strength of a drink measured?

The percentage amount of pure alcohol in any volume of liquid is expressed as the Alcohol by Volume Percentage (ABV). The higher the percentage the stronger the drink.

At what level ABV% is alcohol legally classed as intoxicating and licences are required to sell to the public?

Any drink with more than 0.5% abv.

What four things affect how quickly alcohol gets into the blood?

Sex, size, food and quantity.

Why are men and women generally affected differently when drinking the same amount of alcohol?

Women in generally smaller and have less body fluid. They also have small amounts of an enzyme called AHD in their stomachs which means the alcohol stays longer in their system.

Describe four of the signs of drunkenness

Loss of co-ordination, slurred, too loud or too fast speech, slow reactions, staggering or inability to walk, glazed eyes, heavy sweating, slower pupil response leading to constricted pupils, slowed breathing, nausea and vomiting, loss of consciousness.

Name three of the risks of binge drinking.

Increased risk of accidents, acute alcohol poisoning, becoming a victim of violence, committing crime, birth defects is consumed during pregnancy and impaired decision making skills.

Name three risks to health of chronic alcoholism

Greater risk of cirrhosis of the liver, cancer, strokes, premature death, social exclusion, brain damage, coronary damage, coronary heart disease, alcohol dependence.

How long does it take the body to eliminate 1 unit of alcohol?

1 hour

Below what level of ABV is a drink classed as alcohol free?


When a drink has less than 1.2% ABV, how is it usually classed?

Low alcohol

When is the level of ABV required to be printed on labels

When it is above 1.2%

How many grams and millilitres make 1 unit of alcohol?

8 grams and 10 millilitres

How many units are there in a 250 ml white wine @ 9% ABV?


250 * 9 * 0.001 = 2.25

Name two of the four licensing objectives

• The prevention of crime and disorder
• The prevention of public nuisance
• Public safety
• The protection of children from harm

Why is it necessary for every licensed premises to have at least one ‘Personal Licence Holder’?

Any sale or authorisation to must be made by a personal licence holder. By law a premises must have a designated premises licence holder and DPS must have a personal licence.

Name two activities that require a licence

• Sale of alcohol
• Regulated entertainment
• Supply of alcohol in club premises
• Late night refreshment.

What are the main responsibilities of a designated premises supervisor?

• Authorising the sale of alcohol
• Day to day control of the business

To comply with current legislation you need to make sure your staff are fully trained in this area. Our online courses are a simple and cost effective way of meeting your legal obligations and quickly providing evidence to any of the Responsible Authorities.

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