Top 15 Tips For A Family-Friendly Pub

Carrie Longton, founder of Mumsnet, has published her “wish list” for pubs to make them more family friendly, its worth taking note as there are over 1 million members of Mumsnet!

Pubs need to think about this, as more families now go to the likes of Starbucks or Pret a Manger rather than pubs.

She and her 1 million mums reckon pubs need to:

  1. Offer a genuine warm welcome when the kids are in tow
  2. Need to ensure pristine cleanliness on all surfaces
  3. Need to provide pristine changing facilities
  4. Need to have spotless high chairs
  5. Need to have an ample supply of plastic cups
  6. Need to provide colouring books and pencils
  7. Need to host “Mums mornings” to gather information of what mums look for locally
  8. Need to run “Mother and Baby32 classes
  9. Need to make it clear on web-sites if kids are welcome (or not)
  10. Need to actively market “kids are welcome”
  11. Need separate kid’s menus
  12. Need small kids portions of adult meals
  13. Need to ensure all staff are trained in Allergen Awareness (come on an Inn-Dispensable course, my words not Carrie’s!)
  14. Run an Easter Egg hunt day
  15. Dress staff as Cartoon characters.

All makes sense to me … How about you?